Crash Course for JEE Main First Attempt , 2020

  • For last 10 years.  students from Bal Bharti, Sommerville, DPS, Assisi, Jagran, Viswa Bharti, Army Public, Apeejay ... have studied in this structured crash course and have improved their ranks

Program Start Date : November 1, 2019


Program Duration : 90 Hours

•  Each Class will be of 2 hours
•  Every Two hour session has TWO PARTS
      (I) 60 min of concept revision , illustrative problems,
          tips about topic
     (ii) Half an hour of class exercise of 15 questions and
           then last 30 minutes for discussions.


•  Study Material suited for revision in this duration

•  Classroom sessions are aided by PPTs for speedier and better revision of  concepts

•  Focus on the improvement of rank by efficient revision of
   subject concepts


• Two mock tests